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Maxpad is a leading designer ,solution provider and vendor of EFT-POS, data colletor and handheld mobile computer; compliance with EMV, PCI, ISO standards, application covers enterprise mobility (AIDC) ,e-payment and microfincance; supports solutions for transpotation, financial and insurance services, asset management, warehousing management , library management, vehicle management, medical RFID, campus security, livestock management, power supply management, logistic and supply chain, etc;

Service covers manufacturing, ID, MD, hardware and R&D service, application software programminig is available by request; OEM order is welcome; From a shop at the conner to the the big name companies, from a police officer patrolling in the street to governmental agencies, we have full range application solutions for many industries; Of market orienting, we are focusing to deliver best products and service to customers, with right solutions both in home and international markets;

Advantage and Features
Using technological expertise, experience of over 10 years in the field of hardware, software, and creative minds at work, we mainly focus on mobile AIDC hardware solutions, have defined and implemented customizable products in the industries as logictic, micro finance, policing, asset management and tracking , etc;

These solutions are not just conceptual models. Each solution is based on modules and can be customized.

Maxpad presents ready to customize solutions for various industries. These solutions are built as frameworks. A solution framework consists of a core technology platform and a functional backbone. The building blocks of the technology platform are the necessary hardware, firmware, and data model.

Functional backbone built on the technology platform, offers core functional components for the solution. It is a loosely integrated solution framework.
For every interested customer, the framework is then customized. Prior to the final implementation, customer specific features are identified and implemented as custom components. During customization, value added components are offered as if applicable. Components are then tightly integrated and tuned for optimum performance to form the eventual solution. Maxpad offers ongoing support to customers even after the implementation.

We at strongly feel that this approach provides greater flexibility and technical transparency to our customers. Our ability to design and build in-house technology platform, develop application programs and integrate the entire solution in the customer environment provides great advantage. Our customers benefited with a cost effective solution within challenging timelines. We have program management capabilities to deliver such solutions and have successfully implemented them.

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